Designed For Comfort And Stability

Our knee sleeve aids in protecting your patella by applying compression along with
silicone based knee support giving your knee exactly what it needs.

Knee Compression

Our compression technology aids in reducing swelling and discomfort.

Silicone Protection

With our silicone pad inserted over the patella it helps with stability of the knee.

Perfect For Arthritis

Do you have arthritis in your knee? This is the perfect solution to help reduce arthritic pain.

Meniscus Tear

If you’re recovering from a meniscus tear or had one in the past, this knee sleeves aid in protection from future tears.

Breathable Material

You can be assured the material is soft and breathable, no sweaty smells and odor buildup.

Multiple Sizes

You can get small, medium, large or extra large, so no matter your size, we’ve got you covered.

how to put on knee sleeve

Proper Patella is a knee sleeve that helps alleviate knee pain and protect the patella. It provides relief from injuries, acute and chronic pain, swelling, as well as providing support to the kneecap.
Proper Patella’s Knee Sleeve is made from breathable stretchy fabric that provides pain relief by keeping the knee joint warm. It also helps protect the patella from injury.

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Proper Patella is a knee sleeve that helps reduce the pain of patients with patellofemoral pain syndrome (PFPS) and chondromalacia patellae. The product is designed to protect the patella and other joints in the knee area.

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